Custom Website Design Service

SiteWizard's staff members have been providing custom website development services since 1997.  Our experienced developers can create a unique look-and-feel for your organization's website, custom tailored to suit your needs. 

We can integrate your custom website design into SiteWizard CMS, or we can build your site from the ground up using the technology of your choice.  We offer all of the services listed below, and more.

Needs Assessment / Analysis

We can work with your organization to define and fulfill your web development needs.  We help you understand your options and allow you to decide on your direction.  We can even take a phased approach to handle immediate needs first and add more enhancements at a later date.

Graphic Design

We provide graphic design for full websites, headers, graphic slide shows (content rotators) and advertisements.  We can design your website to match your current branding and logo, or create a whole new image for your organization.  See our Portfolio page for a few examples of our work.

HTML / CSS Coding

Once we've completed your design, we handle all of the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheet  (CSS) coding required to make your pretty design usable on the web.

CMS Integration

Whether you've chosen to use SiteWizard CMS or another Content Management System, we can handle integration of your new website design into the platform of your choice. 

Content Setup / Integration

Creating a design for your website is only one step of website development.  We can further assist you by inputting, importing and formatting all of your information.  We offer initial content setup as well as ongoing content management services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SiteWizard CMS has a number of terrific Search Engine Optimization features, but building your search engine rankings takes time and effort.  SEO usually requires expert assistance to get the most out of your website.  We offer SEO consulting services, regardless of whether your site was built with SiteWizard CMS or another platform.

Hosting & Related Services

If you're a SiteWizard CMS member, your subscription already includes hosting for your website and email.  We also offer hosting for customers who are using another platform or a custom-built website.  We can host virtually any application built for Microsoft Windows Server that is based on ASP.NET, PHP or CGI.

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