Services Offered by SiteWizard

We offer a wide array of services to support our CMS platform.  We also provide custom work in Microsoft .NET and PHP technologies.

Optional Services for SiteWizard CMS

SiteWizard LLC offers a number of add-on services to enhance our SiteWizard CMS Product.  These include:
  • Custom Website Template Design
    While you can create your own customized template with SiteWizard CMS, we offer custom design services.  SiteWizard LLC can create a unique look-and-feel specially for your organization's website.  View more info...
  • Custom Application Programming
    The SiteWizard CMS platform already includes a tremendous level of functionality, but sometimes you need more.  Our platform is completely extensible.  We can build virtually any kind of custom functionality required.  View more info...
  • Content Creation and Setup
    While SiteWizard CMS is very user-friendly, if you don't have the time to enter/upload/format content, we can do it for you.  Save time and have your content professionally designed.
  • Website Migration Service
    Moving from another website provider can be a time-consuming process, especially if you have a lot of content.  Our experts can help you make the move quickly at an affordable cost.
  • Data Import Service
    We can import data (such as user accounts) from a variety of sources including Excel, CSV, SQL Server, MySQL, Access and a number of other software platforms.
  • Training Webinar
    SiteWizard LLC offers remote training of your staff members.  Webinars can be introductory or focused on advanced topics.
  • Extra Website File Storage
    Platinum level subscribers have the option of purchasing additional storage space for files (documents, audio, video) beyond the current plan limits.  Silver and Gold subscribers can upgrade their storage by upgrading to a higher plan level.
  • Extra Email Accounts and Storage
    Platinum level subscribers may purchase additional email accounts and storage beyond the current plan limits.  Silver and Gold subscribers can increase their email limits by upgrading to a higher level plan.
  • Custom DNS Setup
    Sometimes DNS must be customized for an organization's specific business requirements (such as hosting email or other applications on a third party service).  SiteWizard offers custom DNS configuration to handle special needs.

Software Development Services

SiteWizard LLC provides development services for clients who do not wish to use the SiteWizard CMS product:
  • Custom Website Design
    If the SiteWizard CMS is not an option for your organization (likely because you're tied to a legacy system or internal hosting), we can still provide custom website design for other platforms. View more info...
  • Custom Application Development
    SiteWizard LLC began as a custom software development shop.  We have more than 15 years of experience developing software applications to handle unique business needs.  We have developed everything from Content Management Systems (CMS) to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Real Estate / MLS products, accounting, customer support and back-end applications.  View more info...
  • Application Web Hosting
    SiteWizard can accommodate most web applications that are based on ASP.NET, PHP or CGI.
Contact Us to inquire about any of these custom services.  We look forward to meeting the unique needs of your organization.