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Request a live demo from one of our helpful representatives.  We will demonstrate the SiteWizard CMS back-end administrative features and answer your questions.

Please provide your name, contact information and two possible times for your live demo.  We will coordinate with you to set up an appointment.  Once we have agreed on a time, we will send an invitation email with details about the online meeting.

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Live Demo FAQ

Q:  How do we schedule a time for the demo?
A:  We will coordinate with you to establish a time for our demo.  Please provide two possible demo times using the form above.  We will do our best to accommodate your schedule.  Our office is in Florida (Eastern Time) but we can usually make special arrangements for late appointments.  Once we have agreed on a time, we will send an email invitation for the online meeting.

Q:  What can I expect from the demo?
A:  We will talk with you and demonstrate some of the features of SiteWizard CMS.  We will show our screen to you in real time.  This is an interactive virtual meeting.  At the beginning of the demo we may ask about your business needs to better tailor our presentation.

Q:  Do I need a computer?  Is any special software required?
A:  We use the Join.Me screen sharing service.  You will need a way to watch the video and to listen to the audio.  If you are using a computer (PC or Mac), all you need is a web browser with Adobe Flash Player.  If you are using a tablet (ex: iPad, Kindle, Nexus) you can use the free Join.Me viewer app from the iTunes Store, Google Play Store or Amazon App Store.

Q:  Do I need a phone?
A:  Yes.  We will provide a conference number for the meeting.

Q:  How many people can attend?
A:  As many as you like.  Feel free to invite other associates and decision makers.