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By SiteWizard LLC on 7/11/2012
SiteWizard LLC is pleased to announce the release of an updated Getting Started Tutorial for our SiteWizard CMS product.  This new version covers the following topics: Terminology - Basic terminology associated with SiteWizard CMS. Administration - Control Panel and other administrative features. Adding Pages - Creating a new page with the Page Wizard. Changing Text - Editing text with the Text/HTML module. Linking Pages - Creating hyperlinks between pages on your site. Images - Uploading, resizing and positioning images. Adding Features - Adding and configuring modules. Page Layout - Rearranging modules using Layout Mode. Changing Design - Changing colors, backgrounds, menus, logo and other design elements using the Skin Designer. Content Rotator - Creating and configuring a content rotator / slideshow. This tutorial has something new for everyone, whether you are just starting or you are a veteran user of SiteWizard CMS.  Please view the latest Getting Started Tutorial...
By SiteWizard LLC on 1/7/2011
SiteWizard LLC has released two new videos that provide an introduction to SiteWizard CMS:What is SiteWizard CMS?Learn about the main features and uses of SiteWizard CMS, including: Content Management System (CMS) E-Commerce Email Marketing Company Intranet Company Extranet Watch Video:  What is SiteWizard CMS?Benefits of SiteWizard CMSLearn about the benefits of SiteWizard CMS.  See what our product can do for your business: Make Money Attract New Customers Engage Existing Clients Elevate Your Business Save Time and Money Watch Video:  Benefits of SiteWizard CMS...
By SiteWizard LLC on 11/15/2010
SiteWizard has upgraded its Video Gallery module.  Our latest version includes the following new benefits:
  • iPhone / iPad Support:  Support for iPhone and iPad devices.
  • Baseline H264 Profile:  Encode to "Baseline H264" format for support on mobile devices.
  • Improved Video Encoder:  Better quality video encoding with smaller file sizes.
  • HTML 5 Support:  Support for the HTML 5 video tag for browsers without Flash.
  • Media Center Module:  New module provides simplified display with video browse, watch, rate and comments.
  • Category Hierarchy:  Categorize your videos using parent/child category relationships.