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By SiteWizard LLC on 7/28/2012
SiteWizard LLC is proud to announce the release of a suite of Social Networking features.  These new modules and tools add Facebook-style interactivity to your SiteWizard CMS website.  Customers or members on your website can share with each other and with your organization.  This facilitates participation and increases customer/member interest and involvement. Social Networking Features User Profiles - Each user can add information and photos to personalize their sharing experience.  Members control what information is shared or private. Member Directory - This is a searchable directory of website members.  Users can search for other members, view profiles, make friend requests and send messages. Social Groups - Allow members to join different social groups and share information, photos, links and videos.  Social groups can be public or private.  Each social group can be moderated by administrator or appointed users. Journal - This is a Facebook style "wall" of postings showing the most...
By SiteWizard LLC on 11/15/2010
SiteWizard has added a new module for SiteWizard CMS:  PayPal Subscriptions.  Now you can easily add recurring payments* to your website.

Features include:
  • Simple subscription setup wizard.
  • Ability to assign roles upon receipt of payment, allowing you to designate "subscribers-only" content.  Require subscriptions for downloads, video galleries or any content on your website.
  • Set subscriptions to a limited number of payments (useful for installment plans) or until the subscriber cancels.
  • Ability to offer free trials.
  • Sends relevant subscription emails to you and the subscriber.
  • Support for PayPal test environment ("PayPal Sandbox").
* Requires a PayPal account with Recurring Billing option.