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By SiteWizard LLC on 7/3/2014
We are proud to announce a new Custom Code module which makes it easy to add custom HTML, JavaScript and CSS to your SiteWizard CMS website.  This module lets you paste in any kind of HTML code, including and tags.  This makes it easy to add third party widgets such as Google Maps widgets, PayPal buttons, YouTube videos, Twitter timelines, Facebook social plugins, JotForm custom forms, SurveyMonkey surveys,...
By SiteWizard LLC on 2/8/2013
We are proud to announce a new enhancement to the Content Rotator module.  It now supports touch swipe controls.  The Content Rotator has always worked on mobile and touch devices, but interaction with a touch device was awkward.  Now users with phones or tablets can swipe over the Content Rotator to change slides.  Also, users on a PC or Mac can click and drag (mouse-swipe) to change between slides. In addition, we also added the option to provide custom JavaScript for each slide.  The JavaScript is executed whenever a slide is clicked ("OnClick" event).  This was a useful feature for our own home page, so we decided to release it for our power user customers. If you have suggestions for new features, feel free to contact us with your suggestions.  If you need assistance with any feature, please use our support website to submit a support ticket....
By SiteWizard LLC on 1/14/2013
To answer some common questions from SiteWizard CMS users, we recently posted four new tutorial articles to help users with common module editing tasks: How to copy a module to all pages How to remove a module from all pages How to remove a module container How to add a header or footer to a module If you need assistance with anything, please use our support website to submit a question.  Feel free to submit requests for new tutorials.  We are always looking for ways to help our users.

By SiteWizard LLC on 7/27/2012
SiteWizard is pleased to announce the release of a Prayer Request / Praise Report module to our customers.  All Church SiteWizard CMS customers can take advantage of this new module. Prayer Request / Praise Report Features Registered members on your website can submit prayer requests or praise reports. The prayer requests and praise reports can be viewed by other members (according to permissions that you set).  Members can respond to prayer requests and praise reports to send encouragement. An extensive permissions system helps ensure that: Moderators have complete control over the communication process. Spammers cannot take advantage of the system.  This provides reassurance that legitimate messages reach the right people. Nearly every aspect of the system is customizable, including permissions, distribution lists, moderation, user trust levels, email templates and drop-down selections. Setting Up Prayer Requests / Praise Reports Log into...
By SiteWizard LLC on 12/28/2010
SiteWizard is proud to announce a new Module included in SiteWizard CMS:  Language Translation.  While our CMS product already supported creation of multilingual content, this new module handles translation automatically.  Your site administrator can drop the module into any page on your website.
By SiteWizard LLC on 12/28/2010
SiteWizard LLC is proud to announce our new Social Bookmarks Module for SiteWizard CMS.  This Module allows site administrators to easily add social bookmarks / sharing to any Page on their site.  The Social Bookmarks Module is integrated with, allowing you to track your users' sharing/bookmark behavior.  Choose from multiple button styles and configuration options.
By SiteWizard LLC on 12/28/2010
SiteWizard LLC is proud to announce our new Maps & Directions Module for SiteWizard CMS.  This allows website administrators to easily add Google Maps and a Directions widget to your website.

To add the Maps & Directions Module to a Page:
  • Log into your website with your administrator account (Note: You created your own username when you built your site; Your username is not "admin" or "administrator").
  • In the Module section of the Control Panel, select New.
  • In the Module drop-down list, select Reference > Maps & Directions.
  • Fill out the rest of the Module information and click Add Module.
  • Click the Settings link to input an address and change display options.
By SiteWizard LLC on 11/15/2010
SiteWizard has upgraded its Video Gallery module.  Our latest version includes the following new benefits:
  • iPhone / iPad Support:  Support for iPhone and iPad devices.
  • Baseline H264 Profile:  Encode to "Baseline H264" format for support on mobile devices.
  • Improved Video Encoder:  Better quality video encoding with smaller file sizes.
  • HTML 5 Support:  Support for the HTML 5 video tag for browsers without Flash.
  • Media Center Module:  New module provides simplified display with video browse, watch, rate and comments.
  • Category Hierarchy:  Categorize your videos using parent/child category relationships.
By SiteWizard LLC on 11/15/2010
SiteWizard has added a new module for SiteWizard CMS:  PayPal Subscriptions.  Now you can easily add recurring payments* to your website.

Features include:
  • Simple subscription setup wizard.
  • Ability to assign roles upon receipt of payment, allowing you to designate "subscribers-only" content.  Require subscriptions for downloads, video galleries or any content on your website.
  • Set subscriptions to a limited number of payments (useful for installment plans) or until the subscriber cancels.
  • Ability to offer free trials.
  • Sends relevant subscription emails to you and the subscriber.
  • Support for PayPal test environment ("PayPal Sandbox").
* Requires a PayPal account with Recurring Billing option.