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Author: Created: 8/4/2010
SiteWizard provides social CMS website solutions for business, churches and non-profit agencies.
By SiteWizard LLC on 3/28/2013
Please note that we will be undergoing scheduled maintenance on Friday, March 29 at 9:00 PM EDT in order to replace a disk array that has reported problems.  This work must be completed in order to ensure the performance and reliability of our servers.  We are well prepared for this hardware change, and we do not expect any issues during this process.

We anticipate up to 2 hours of intermittent availability during this maintenance window.  Your website and email may be unavailable during this time.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  If you have any questions, please submit a support ticket.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.
By SiteWizard LLC on 2/8/2013
We are proud to announce a new enhancement to the Content Rotator module.  It now supports touch swipe controls.  The Content Rotator has always worked on mobile and touch devices, but interaction with a touch device was awkward.  Now users with phones or tablets can swipe over the Content Rotator to change slides.  Also, users on a PC or Mac can click and drag (mouse-swipe) to change between slides. In addition, we also added the option to provide custom JavaScript for each slide.  The JavaScript is executed whenever a slide is clicked ("OnClick" event).  This was a useful feature for our own home page, so we decided to release it for our power user customers. If you have suggestions for new features, feel free to contact us with your suggestions.  If you need assistance with any feature, please use our support website to submit a support ticket....
By SiteWizard LLC on 2/4/2013
We've added some new functionality in the Page Settings windows (both Basic and Advanced setting screens).  We have included help pop-outs with recommendations on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  The help pop-outs have tips and guidelines for writing a Page Title and Description that is "search-engine friendly."  Just hover over the help icons for Title or Description to see the SEO information. SEO Tips - Page Settings Basic We also added some instant feedback on the length of your Title and Description.  Search engines care about the length of the text in these fields, so we added indicators to show you the length as you type.  The color indicates whether your text is too long (red), too short (black) or just right (green).  Remember that search engines generally don't penalize you for writing too much text, but your text may be truncated in the search results. ...
By SiteWizard LLC on 1/14/2013
To answer some common questions from SiteWizard CMS users, we recently posted four new tutorial articles to help users with common module editing tasks: How to copy a module to all pages How to remove a module from all pages How to remove a module container How to add a header or footer to a module If you need assistance with anything, please use our support website to submit a question.  Feel free to submit requests for new tutorials.  We are always looking for ways to help our users.

By SiteWizard LLC on 8/31/2012
SiteWizard LLC is proud to announce the release of an upgrade to the Language Translation feature of SiteWizard CMS.  This module has been updated to replace Yahoo BabelFish with Microsoft Bing Translator.  This new automated translation system has higher quality translation and supports more languages.  It now supports 34 languages, including: Arabic Arabic Bulgarian Bulgarian Chinese Chinese Czech Czech Danish Danish Dutch Dutch...
By SiteWizard LLC on 8/5/2012
SiteWizard LLC is proud to announce several new enhancements to the Skin Designer and template system.  These new features provide a great deal of flexibility in the design of your SiteWizard CMS website. New Design Features: Logo Position (Skin Designer) - Choose whether your logo and Login/Register buttons are inside the main page or above (outside) the page.  While this sounds like a minor change, it opens up several new design scenarios.  Some design examples are shown below. Icon Color (Skin Designer) - When you move your logo outside of the page, you can choose whether your Login/Register buttons are Dark or Light.  These neutral colored icons can blend or contrast with any background. New Panes (Layout) - Three new panes have been added to the template layout system:  OuterTopPane, OuterTopLeftPane and OuterTopRightPane.  These panes can be used to insert content above (outside) the main page.  By adding modules to these panes, you can insert a custom header or place widgets (ex: Language...
By SiteWizard LLC on 7/28/2012
SiteWizard LLC is proud to announce the release of a suite of Social Networking features.  These new modules and tools add Facebook-style interactivity to your SiteWizard CMS website.  Customers or members on your website can share with each other and with your organization.  This facilitates participation and increases customer/member interest and involvement. Social Networking Features User Profiles - Each user can add information and photos to personalize their sharing experience.  Members control what information is shared or private. Member Directory - This is a searchable directory of website members.  Users can search for other members, view profiles, make friend requests and send messages. Social Groups - Allow members to join different social groups and share information, photos, links and videos.  Social groups can be public or private.  Each social group can be moderated by administrator or appointed users. Journal - This is a Facebook style "wall" of postings showing the most...
By SiteWizard LLC on 7/27/2012
SiteWizard is pleased to announce the release of a Prayer Request / Praise Report module to our customers.  All Church SiteWizard CMS customers can take advantage of this new module. Prayer Request / Praise Report Features Registered members on your website can submit prayer requests or praise reports. The prayer requests and praise reports can be viewed by other members (according to permissions that you set).  Members can respond to prayer requests and praise reports to send encouragement. An extensive permissions system helps ensure that: Moderators have complete control over the communication process. Spammers cannot take advantage of the system.  This provides reassurance that legitimate messages reach the right people. Nearly every aspect of the system is customizable, including permissions, distribution lists, moderation, user trust levels, email templates and drop-down selections. Setting Up Prayer Requests / Praise Reports Log into...
By SiteWizard LLC on 7/12/2012
SiteWizard LLC is pleased to announce that we have added more than 30 new backgrounds to the Full Screen Photo section of the Skin Designer.  To view the new options, log in as an administrative user and go to Admin > Skin Designer.  Choose the Page Background tab and select Full Screen Photo from the list.  The new images can be found in the photo selection box.

SiteWizard always strives to bring you the best technology and service.  We hope you enjoy these new features.  If you have questions, please submit a support ticket through the Support Website.
By SiteWizard LLC on 7/12/2012
SiteWizard LLC is pleased to announce that we have upgraded our customers to SmarterMail Enterprise version 10.  This new version adds the following features: New Mobile Interface for Smartphones A light, yet fully-functional interface created exclusively for smartphones that makes managing email, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes on Android, iPhones and Windows phones easier than ever. The new mobile interface is perfect for times when you can't use a mobile email client, like when you need to check your schedule on a colleague's iPhone or want to check your email on your spouse's Galaxy II. Support for Multiple Contact Email Addresses Expanding on SmarterMail's already robust contact management tools, users can now add additional email addresses for every contact in their address book. These additional contact email addresses will even sync across multiple devices when using technologies such as SyncML, Microsoft ActiveSync, SharepointSync, Exchange Web Services and others. Support...