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Author: Created: 8/4/2010
SiteWizard provides social CMS website solutions for business, churches and non-profit agencies.
By SiteWizard LLC on 4/1/2012
SiteWizard LLC is pleased to announce that we have released a Bible Search module to our Church SiteWizard CMS customer.  The Bible Search module has the following features: Bible Translations - The module utilizes for searching and display because it includes over 100 Bible versions in dozens of different languages. Search Options Search Box - Enter keywords / phrases (ex: "love peace and joy") or specific Bible references (ex: "john 3:16"). Bible Version - Select from over 100 Bible translations to search. Book List - Browse through the full list of books and chapters for each Bible version. Module Settings Bible Version - Set the default Bible translation and version that will be displayed on your website. Module Width - Use auto-width or set a specific size. Module Height - Set a custom height for the module. Border - Change the size and color of the border, or disable the border. Search Bar - Change size of search bar elements including font size....
By SiteWizard LLC on 3/17/2012
SiteWizard LLC is proud to release version 2 of our Skin Designer tool.  Skin Designer Enhancements: New Interface - The Skin Designer interface has been completely redesigned with JQuery.  It is faster, more intuitive and easier to use than ever. New Backgrounds Background Library - Includes more than 800 background images. Full-Screen Photos - Over 100 full-screen background images give a professional look to your website. Custom Color - Use a custom color to match your company's colors.  You can also set your background to white to break free with a "borderless" design. Custom Gradient - Use two custom colors to create a gradient. Custom Image - Upload your own custom background image and control resizing, repeating and alignment. Page Width - Control the width of your page.  Reduce your page width to show off your Full Screen Photo background, or increase your width to fit more content on the screen. Transparency - Adjust...
By SiteWizard LLC on 1/19/2012
SiteWizard LLC is pleased to announce that we have upgraded our customers to SmarterMail Enterprise version 9. This new version adds the following features: Improved Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail SmarterMail 9.x includes support for Exchange Web Services, a newer data synchronization protocol that will eventually replace the outdated MAPI protocol, as Exchange Web Services allows for faster communication between an email client and the mail server. Available as an optional add-on at the server level, Exchange Web Services seamlessly syncs SmarterMail messages, contacts, calendars and tasks to third-party email clients like Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac, Outlook 2012 for Windows and Apple Mail on Snow Leopard and Lion. Instant Messaging Allow users to chat with other users on the same domain with SmarterMail's built-in instant messaging server. Whether they use webmail or another XMPP-supported IM client to communicate, a user's chat history is archived and searchable,...
By SiteWizard LLC on 10/20/2011
You may have noticed some recent changes to SiteWizard CMS. We are proud to announce the following enhancements:

Improved Admin Interface The administrator interface has been redesigned making easier to use and more intuitive. The system now employs modal dialogs (floating windows) for most administrative tasks, allowing you to edit content without leaving the page. This provides a faster "inline editing" experience. Settings have also been reorganized using tabs and collapsible sections making it easier to find the setting you want without scrolling through a long list of options. Overall, the new admin interface has greatly improved the ease-of-use of SiteWizard CMS.

Updated HTML Technology All website designs (templates) built via the Skin Designer have been upgraded to XHTML with HTML 5 tag support. Previously many skins were running HTML 4 which caused Internet Explorer to run in "Quirks Mode" which turned off the latest HTML / CSS features. Now the latest web standards have been implemented...
By SiteWizard LLC on 5/17/2011
SiteWizard LLC is pleased to announce that we have upgraded our customers to SmarterMail Enterprise version 8.  This new version adds the following features: New Message NotificationsWith new messages notifications, users receive a notification that they’ve received a new message no matter which section of the interface they are viewing. Users can click on the notification to open the message or view the message from their inbox. Improved Contact SharingUsers can now download, save or send contact details in .CSV or vCard format, making it easy to share the email address or phone number of a friend or colleague in their SmarterMail address book. Touch-and-go FunctionalityEmailing a contact, mapping an address or adding an email address to your contacts list has never been easier. SmarterMail 8.x introduces clickable addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for click-to-map, click-to-call and click-to-mail functionality in messages, contact details, calendar items, tasks and notes. Improved synchronizationSmarterMail...
By SiteWizard LLC on 2/20/2011
SiteWizard LLC is proud to announce an enhancement to our Skin Designer.  We've added a new library of background designs.  The Skin Designer now offers over 600 options for background designs.  You can choose from the Standard background library (gradients and simple backgrounds) or choose Patterns/Tiles to pick from hundreds of repeating patterns.

Categories of the new Pattern/Tiles include:
  • Abstract
  • Animated
  • Clouds / Sky
  • Floral
  • Holiday / Special Occasion
  • Miscellaneous
  • Nature
  • Plaid
  • Polka Dot
  • Retro
  • Striped
To check out the new backgrounds, log into your website as an Administrator.  Go to Admin > Skin Designer.  Change the "Background Type" selection to "Pattern/Tiles".  Choose a Tile Category and you'll see a scrolling box with thumbnail images.  Click on any thumbnail image to preview.

We hope you enjoy this new addition!
By SiteWizard LLC on 1/7/2011
SiteWizard LLC has released two new videos that provide an introduction to SiteWizard CMS:What is SiteWizard CMS?Learn about the main features and uses of SiteWizard CMS, including: Content Management System (CMS) E-Commerce Email Marketing Company Intranet Company Extranet Watch Video:  What is SiteWizard CMS?Benefits of SiteWizard CMSLearn about the benefits of SiteWizard CMS.  See what our product can do for your business: Make Money Attract New Customers Engage Existing Clients Elevate Your Business Save Time and Money Watch Video:  Benefits of SiteWizard CMS...
By SiteWizard LLC on 12/28/2010
SiteWizard is proud to announce a new Module included in SiteWizard CMS:  Language Translation.  While our CMS product already supported creation of multilingual content, this new module handles translation automatically.  Your site administrator can drop the module into any page on your website.
By SiteWizard LLC on 12/28/2010
SiteWizard LLC is proud to announce the arrival of our new Page Wizard for SiteWizard CMS.  This feature greatly simplifies the process of creating new Pages which take advantage of the many Modules (features) built into SiteWizard CMS.
By SiteWizard LLC on 12/28/2010
SiteWizard LLC is proud to announce the arrival of our new SiteWizard CMS Control Panel.  This new feature streamlines the administrative process, making it faster and easier to change your website.  Next time you log into your website (with your administrative username) you will notice the new Control Panel at the top.

Here is a quick overview of the new Control Panel's features...