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Coming Soon - Version 3 of SiteWizard CMS

Mar 28

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3/28/2014  RssIcon

We are excited to announce that we are currently working on major improvements to SiteWizard CMS.  We are targeting summer 2014 for the release of several fantastic new features that will catapult our platform ahead of our competitors.

Important Note:  These enhancements are based on customer feedback.  We love hearing from our customers, and we want to provide the best products and services possible.  Your input matters.  We want to hear from you, so please contact us if you have new ideas for features or if you have other input about our services.

New Features Coming Soon

  • Usability Enhancements

    • Drag and Drop Support – You will be able to drag-and-drop modules around your pages.  This will let you quickly and easily move and organize your content without switching to Layout mode.
    • Auto-Save – The Text/HTML module will have an auto-save feature so that you never lose your work.  If you close your browser or your session times out, you will be prompted about restoring the latest auto-saved version of your content.
    • Inline Editing – Make quick changes to Text/HTML content and module headings.  You can easily click into the content and start editing.
    • Simplified Interface – The Manage button will be replaced by three smaller icons for Edit, Settings and Move.  The same features will be available, but this separation of tasks is more intuitive and less overwhelming for users.
  • Design Enhancements (Skin Designer V3)

    • Responsive Design – We are taking a “mobile first” approach to website design.  New designs will automatically adjust to different devices, including phones and tablets.  Content will automatically re-flow according to the device’s screen size.  Menus will automatically collapse into a touch-friendly interface.  Your visitors will be freed from “zooming and panning” around your web pages.
    • Twitter Bootstrap – We have chosen the Bootstrap UI framework for development of Skin Designer V3.  This is the most powerful and feature-rich platform available for responsive websites.  We are tightly integrating with Bootstrap to make the design and content editing process as seamless as possible.
    • Modern Designs – We are taking advantage of HTML 5 and CSS 3 to produce beautiful, open, full-screen designs.  Your website will no longer be “stuck in a box.”  There will also be multiple options for header and footer layouts based on the latest website design trends.
    • Unlimited Colors – Change the colors of headers, footers, menus and text.  You can adjust your design to perfectly match your logo and branding.
    • Google Web Fonts – We are integrating Google Web Fonts to provide more than 600 font choices.  These new typography options can make a world of difference in a website’s aesthetic appeal.
    • Social Features – Social sharing and following will be built in via AddThis Smart Layers.  This powerful social sharing and following system has been proven to double website visitors’ social interactions.  Smart Layers automatically adapt to different devices, shrinking down to a user-friendly social bar on phones and tablets.

These are the main highlights, but other new features are in-progress as well.  We will announce more details as we get closer to release.

Question:  How do I upgrade?

Answer:  All of our customers will receive the upgrade automatically.  We will send an announcement before release so that our customers are aware of the changes ahead of time.

Question:  Can I keep my current design?

Answer:  Yes.  Your design will not be changed without your involvement.  Any customers who purchased a custom design will not be affected by this upgrade.  Also, any designs built with Skin Designer V2 will continue to work, however the new Skin Designer will not allow you to edit the old design.  It will only allow you to replace it with a new design.  If you wish to continue using Skin Designer V2 you may submit a support ticket so that we can revert this feature on your site.  However, we recommend that all customers use version 3 to take advantage of the Design Enhancements explained above.

Question:  Is Skin Designer V3 backward compatible?

Answer:  Partially.  The Skin Designer V3 is built on a new framework.  If you use V3, you will be starting with a new design.  The new design can be made to look similar to the old version, but it will not be exactly the same.

Question:  Will I lose any of my content when moving to Skin Designer V3?

Answer:  No.  Any content that you created will remain intact.  You may need to perform some minor reformatting or reorganization of your content (via drag-and-drop).  The new page structure is a bit different, so a small amount of adjustment is expected.  This should be a simple change for most of our users, but you can submit a support ticket if you need assistance.


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