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Upgraded to SmarterMail Enterprise Version 11

Oct 1

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10/1/2013  RssIcon

We are pleased to announce that all of our subscribers have been upgraded to SmarterMail Enterprise version 11. 

Here are a few notable enhancements in this version:
  • Performance Increases - Version 11 includes tremendous performance increases, particularly with the webmail interface.  Although the webmail design looks similar, it loads and responds much faster.
  • Webmail Design Customization - The design of the interface can be easily changed through the Settings > Personalization dialog.  This allows organizations to change their colors and various display elements to match their branding.
  • Greater Calendar Control - Users can now set the default view for their calendars (either daily, weekly, monthly, or all appointment views).  Users and domain administrators can also set the auto-clean feature to clean out old entries, ensuring the best performance of the system.
  • Improved Spell Checking - The spell check engine has been redesigned, greatly increasing the accuracy and adding grammar support.  The new spell check is more intelligent, ignoring things like URLs and email addresses.  Users can now choose to automatically spell check all outgoing messages (Account Settings > Compose), and users can add their own words to the dictionary.
  • Pictures of Contacts - Users can personalize their contacts by adding pictures, putting a face to a name.  This photo will appear when typing emails or using the included live chat.  Contact pictures carry over to third-party live chat clients like Adium or Pidgin.  Also, photos are included when syncing to third party applications through CardDAV.
We hope that you will enjoy these new features.  If you have any questions, please visit our support website or consult the SmarterMail documentation.

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