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DNS Infrastructure Improvements

Oct 1

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10/1/2013  RssIcon

We are pleased to announce a major enhancement to our DNS infrastructure.  We recently implemented a third party multicast DNS service called DNS Made Easy.  This transition has already taken place, but we wanted our customers to be aware of the new benefits of our website services.

What is DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name System.  It is the "backbone of the Internet" responsible for domain name lookups.  In short, DNS maps domain names to servers on the Internet.  When you type a web address in your browser (example: ""), your computer connects to DNS and requests the IP address for that domain name (example: "").

Here is a video with more details on how DNS works, and why it is important:

What is Multicast DNS?

Previously, SiteWizard was hosting its own unicast DNS in a single data center in Chicago, IL.  Lookups were fast enough whenever someone would visit a SiteWizard website from the eastern United States.  But lookups could be slow if someone visited from a distant location, such as the Pacific coast (CA, HI) or another country.

Multicast DNS uses multiple DNS servers all around the globe.  Whenever someone requests a website, the closest DNS server returns a response.  This ensures that lookups are lightning fast, regardless of the user's location.

Here is a video explaining multicast DNS:

Why did SiteWizard choose DNS Made Easy?

  • Multicast Network - They have a multimillion dollar distributed network built for speed, redundancy and scalability.  They have servers in multiple countries around the world, and 8 DNS server networks in the United States alone.
  • Cost - Their pricing is very reasonable.  We were able to improve service to our SiteWizard customers without raising our prices.
  • Vanity Nameservers - We can retain SiteWizard branding of DNS services.  We were able to switch without requiring our customers to change any nameserver settings at their registrar.
  • Web Service API - We can integrate seamlessly with the DNS service to automate tasks within SiteWizard CMS.
  • Bulk Domain Management - SiteWizard can make changes to multiple domains with a single update, making it faster and easier to move various services around as needed.

What does this mean for SiteWizard customers?

We are continually working to improve our service, offering better value to our customers.  There are immediate and long-term benefits to this change.

Immediate Benefits
  • Improved DNS speed.  Your website should perform better, especially for first-time visitors.
  • Improved DNS redundancy.  DNS services should always be available (100% uptime).
  • Improved DNS scalability.  DNS should perform well even if website traffic is high.

Long-term Benefits

  • Server portability. This allows SiteWizard to move websites and email to different servers without interruption.  We are planning further infrastructure improvements, and this is integral to our long-term direction.
  • DNS Management.  SiteWizard may implement a DNS management tool for our customers in the future.
We are always looking for new ways to improve our service.  Feel free to contact us with any suggestions you may have.

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